An info you need about the transportation in Denmark

Danish people like cycling because it’s cheap and easy, even faster than other modes of transportation. In big cities, you can save money by using city bicycle facilities that are rented for free. You only need to enter a coin of 20 Kroners as the deposit that you will get back after your bike returns at the bicycle return. Meanwhile, you can also try the ebeltoft turist destination, which is the one located within the Mols Bjerge national park.

These free bikes can be easily found around major cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus and so on.

When you are in Copenhagen it would not hurt to buy a Copenhagen Card (like JakCard) which can be used as a payment card for public bus transportation and entrance tickets for some interesting attractions in Copenhagen.

Aside from the transportation, don’t forget to seek other information regarding things that you will need there, such as lodging, restaurants, and also the less popular tourist destinations that you may visit there.