Consumption of Drinks and Foods to Overcome Diarrhea

When you suffer from diarrhea, you must also know cara mengatasi diare so that you can handle it correctly and correctly. Because there are many people who do not handle it properly and cause diarrhea to become worse. In fact, there are several appropriate ways to deal with diarrhea correctly.

One quick way you can do is to consume the following foods and drinks.

– Eat carrot porridge
Carrots are a source of pectin. You can make carrot porridge or soup by cooking it until smooth, then blend it with a little extra water and pour it in a bowl, like baby food. You can eat ¼ – ½ bowl every hour.

– Drink sweet black tea
You can drink sweet black tea with sugar. Hot water can help rehydration and tea contain astringent tannins which help reduce intestinal inflammation.

– Eat blackberries
You should also eat tannin-rich blackberries which have long been a fairly common home remedy. You can make the Blackberry tea, by boiling 1-2 tablespoons of blackberry.