Dealing with the pull start problem on mini bikes

Mini motorcycles do use engines that are slightly different from motorcycles in general. This mini motor uses a 49cc mini 2 stroke engine without an engine oil container. the way to turn it on is a little different, that is by using pull start. The fuel that mini bike used is gasoline which is mixed with 2 side oil at a rate of 20: 1 (gasoline: oil). Aside from that.

With no engine oil, special care is needed so that the mini motor engine stays durable. There are some common problems that often appear on mini motorbikes. This time it will explain the problems that often arise and how to overcome them. How to overcome problems that often occur in mini GP, Trail or ATV motorbikes as follows:

Pull start is the most digital part of the mini bike because the pull start is used to turn on the mini motor. As for the cause of frequent damage to the pull start because when pulling pull start the withdrawal position is not straight (tilted) which causes the rope and the pull start to be easily broken. In order to make the pull start durable, when withdrawing must be in a straight position and in the pull start section, maintenance must also be carried out, such as: giving oil and cleaning it.

there are several types of pull start circulating in the market with the difference lies in the pull start eye size and the amount per use. If you find out per break, unload per pull start and make a bend again according to the size of the broken curve. If the pull starts house breaks then you have to replace it with a new one. Make sure the size of the pull start matches the magnetic fan.

That’s it the info that we may share with you this time, we hope it helps you to know more about mini bikes.