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 Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 

game of thrones season 7 episode 2

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Winter is here, fans. The world of Westeros has finally met the long awaited winter. We are way past the speculations and the ever growing anxiety. We know about the air date, we know (presumably) about the first episode. As July is approaching, the zeal and the enthusiasm is rising like the temperature of the earth. Two teasers are out so far and one trailer titled ‘The Long Walk’ has been released a few days ago. The trailer is beyond awesome. It is one of the well-directed trailers around the internet with almost everything appreciable about it. Well, the promo makes it quite clear to us who are the most important characters in the show right now. With the way the trailer ends, it is quite evident from that the long walk so far (considering the long and thrilling journey so far) finally leads to the Great War that was foretold. First, a quick analysis of the promo-

What is Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 All About?

  • All the three prominent characters from the series (rather, all the rulers) can be seen walking towards their throne rooms, as an eerie and darker version of James’s Sit Down gets played in the background.
  • Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) are seen walking up to their thrones in three different locations across Westeros.
  • What’s new in the trailer is that we get to see Dragonstone for the first time in Game of Thrones’ history. For those who don’t know, Dragonstone is the place where the Targaryens hail from (before Aerys II was killed and his children banished from Westeros). It has been the original seat of House Targaryen in Westeros.
  • Jon Snow can be seen walking the vestibule to his seat in Westeros. Cersei is seen walking to her throne is the Red Keep. And yes, finally, Daenerys is seen walking the entrance hall to her seat in Dragonstone (sigh of relief). Maybe she didn’t encounter Euron, or she did and he is already dead. So many theories can be made.
  • The trailer has made us understand that the upcoming season will revolve predominantly around these three faces in Westeros. They hold supreme authority in the snowy Westeros and it will be their duty to get rid of the White Walkers.
  • Another thing that we realize from the trailer is that, the story is shifting away from the Iron Throne and the supreme authority over it, but, towards the upcoming threat in the snow.
  • The promo trailer tells us that all three characters share an equivalence in their authority (and among their followers). The way all three of them are shown altogether, tells a lot of things.
  • According to FirstPost, the part where Cersei is seen walking to the Iron Throne, the song plays the following lyrics, ‘those who find they’re touched by madness’. That implies ‘something’, right? Too witty of them to notice it. Well, the Mad Queen theory is proving out to be true it seems.
  • The ending the trailer is what steals the spotlight. Cersei is seen breathing in the cold air and the camera suddenly zooms out of darkness revealing a blue eye that presumably belongs to the Night King (some people even suggest that it looks like the White Walker version of Wun Wun, the giant). Looks like the White Walkers will outshine every character in the upcoming season.

game of thrones cast

Now, about the upcoming episode. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2. A lot has to be said about the episode that is coming up. Again, plenty of fan theories and speculations are around the web and it becomes a mammoth task to go through each and every one of them and find the most authentic among them. Mashable had one of the most obvious-yet-striking deciphering. As soon as the Long Walk trailer is about to end, there can be some figures seen in the eye of the White Walker. People have been claiming it to be different things and people, but the most common theory is that, the Wall is falling this season. Maybe not in the early episodes, but maybe in the finale (or near that).

Another update from Twitter confirms that Emilia Clarke won’t be playing Daenerys in the final season. That is quite bad, since it is not possible to imagine any woman other than her playing Daenerys’s part. That said, Twitterati has gone crazy, but the news seems 100% genuine since Emilia, herself, has tweeted it. We just hope that the other person actress (whoever she may be) fits into her shoes quickly as the creators won’t want their ending season to lose fans/followers/viewers.

All we can (for now) about the second episode is that, it will follow the events after the first episode. But it does not seem much likely now that what all had been thought of, will come out to be true. David Bradley, who played Walder Frey once hinted that he will be back in season seven and that is quite absurd since we know that he is very dead. Will he be resurrected by the White Walkers? Theories suggest that Frey’s disguise will be used by one of the Faceless Men to seek revenge from the Lannisters.

We can also expect Benjen Stark to return from beyond the Wall. He too, will play a great role fighting the White Walkers. As we already know, Benjen has encountered the walkers before and was even attacked by them. Credits go to the Children of the Forest for shoving a piece of dragonglass in his chest which stopped him from becoming a White Walker. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 watch online.

Another question that still revolves around the web is that, what about the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, Gendry? Well, the actor, Joe Dempsie has been spotted along with the crew in Spain and Belfast. Adding to that, he even was seen shooting for a scene with Ser Davos and Tyrion. People are also suggesting that Khal Drogo will be back from the dead. As said before, plenty of fan theories around. Talking of Drogo, Daenerys is already en route to Westeros and as per the trailer (The Long Walk), she might land at Dragonstone before she goes to Westeros. Dragonstone, as we know, has been the official seat of the Targaryens.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Expectations

Okay, at Winterfell, we can expect the following things to happen next-

  • Jon is already being hailed as the King in the North, and this has made Littlefinger jealous. He, with his wit and charm will try to lull Sansa towards the seat at Winterfell. It is quite clear that he wants Sansa to rule over Winterfell, rather than her (alleged) bastard brother, Jon. In a recent interview with a popular magazine, Sophie Turner hinted towards a darker version of Sansa. As we already know, season six was the season of the women of Game of Thrones. Let’s see what the upcoming season will bring us.
  • A lot of Reddit users are using this caption for Cersei, ‘Cersei, queen of the Seven Kingdoms, not long may she reign’ captions everywhere. Cersei has all rights to go rogue. She has gone through a lot in this long walk of hers to the throne. She has lost Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen; she has faced the walk of atonement, been imprisoned and what not. Though she has sought revenge with everyone involved, it is quite clear that she has become more badass than ever. Do notice the part of the song that plays when we see Cersei walking to her throne (in the trailer). The lyrics that are played are, ‘those who find they’re touched by madness’, and it implies that the Mad Queen theories that were around the web are finally evaluating to be true.
  • Jaime doesn’t seem much fond of Cersei now. He, too has lost his children. The face he makes in the last season finale makes it quite clear that problems are about to rise between him and Cersei. Again, there are theories that suggest that he will be responsible for the death of Cersei. But, plenty of other theories suggest that both of them will sail away from Westeros, never to return again.
  • Arya has already killed Walder Frey, her list is slowly getting shorter. Cersei’s name is on it as well, so we may even expect an encounter between Cersei and Arya. Anyway, she is heading towards the north for now. She hopes to find Jon at the Wall. We’re quite certain that she will pass by Winterfell, and on seeing Jon and Sansa, will be delighted. It will be a pleasant reunion.
  • Sandor Clegane is also heading towards the north. We can expect him to face his badass brother, Gregor soon. A Clegane Bowl would be terrific! Since we have never seen both the brothers take on each other before (that time when they faced each other before Joffrey wasn’t thrilling at all).
  • Everybody in Westeros, who is dead, will rise from the dead. That is horrifying, since we may see the dead versions of Ned, Robb and even Hodor! Not to forget the trailer, when the camera zooms out, we see a blue eye, of a White Walker. People are going crazy regarding the person behind this blue eye. Alt Shift X came up with a possibly correct explanation to this. He said that the eye could belong to the wildling giant, Wun Wun (considering the broad nose that could be seen as well).
  • Another addition to the cast will be Ed Sheeran, who will make a guest appearance just like Coldplay’s Sigur Ros and Will Champion (Red Wedding), and Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody (Walk of Punishment).

The wait is almost over now. Game of Thrones Season 7 will be aired on the 16th of July, 2017. As the premier date is approaching, the excitement levels are rising. The creators, David Benioff and W. B. Weiss said that since winter has arrived in Westeros, the show would be aired late, just to add to the setting. Another sad information is that the episode count this year will be reduced to merely seven episodes, as the creators wish to wrap up the entire series with thirteen episodes (which means we will have just six more episodes in season eight). Anyway, fan theories (and references from the books) also suggest that maybe Drogon will die; and, we may expect a walker version of him as well. That will be nasty, for sure. There has even been talks about a Game of Thrones movie recently. George R. R. Martin once said in an interview that if there will be a movie, it will have a fancy budget of around 100M dollars for two hours or something. Well, we cannot deny that (considering the amount HBO spends per episode). He even joked about the dragons, saying, “Those dragons get real big, you know…” Mind blown! If something like that happens, the GoT fraternity will go crazy. So, the budget per episode has been raised, the cast members are being paid hugely.

We just cannot wait for the season to premier. So much heat is rising, so much conjectures are getting built up. Three teasers have been released so far and all of them are equally gripping. Fans can expect another promo out soon (by the end of April). And, from July 16, the beginning of the end will start. Beware, since the night is dark and full of terrors; and as we know, when the dead start walking the earth, we know that there is not place left in hell. When the dead start to live, the living will have a hard time. Well, that is what the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones will be about. Doesn’t seem so likely that people will be interested in conquering Westeros anymore, right? Let us find it out for ourselves.

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