Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions, Spoilers & Updates!

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We are finally approaching towards the end of Game of Thrones Season 7 . The seventh season is around the corner and this will be a sight for sore eyes (especially for the fans), as this season will feature only seven episodes and it is the second last season of the series. According to directors David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, a total of thirteen episodes are left to be premiered in all; season seven comprising of seven out of them. ‘Winter has come’ in Westeros and it has brought some really eerie and dark perils lurking beneath the snow. The season took nearly seven months for filming, post-production and final touches. As per speculations, this season of Game of Thrones might not at all be synchronized with George R. R. Martin’s upcoming book, The Winds of Winter. The 2016 San Diego Comic-Con showed the production teaser trailer for the upcoming season and it exhilarated the fans.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

Let us focus on the consequences that might follow after the events that took place in the last season-finale. Amidst the beguiling music, the notorious wildfire took care of Cersei’s foes while Jaime was out running a deceptive errand for her. Although, the ending to season six (some might say) was rather satisfying. The High Sparrow gets killed, thanks to Jonathan Pryce’s spectacular acting, the people hated him like anything. With him gone, now, there won’t be the sounds of ‘Shame! Shame!’ heard any more. Sadly, one of the darling characters, Margaery Tyrell, portrayed by Natalie Dormer, also gets killed in the wildfire accident (of course she dies in the Sept of Baelor). Such a gigantic explosion could have easily killed anybody who (even mistakenly) entered its proximity. That said, Tommen falls to his death, and Cersei declares herself as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. As per speculations, Sansa might go rogue. Credits go to Petyr Baelish, Sansa is now indebted to him for helping Jon win the battle. Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger) has always been a charmer and as we have already seen, he is poisoning Sansa’s mind against Jon. Another fan theory (on the internet) suggested that Sansa will betray the Starks as soon as the reunion takes place.

Game of Thrones Season 7 brings us to the second clause, the Stark reunion. This will be a moment to relish as Starks will be seen happy and united as a family once again. Though very less in numbers, the Stark-children will be seeing/meeting each other after so long. Arya, after killing Walder Frey, is heading towards Winterfell where she will meet Sansa and Jon. Pieces are getting back together and even Bran is at the Wall where he is all set to become the Three Eyed Raven. This tells us about the craftiness of the story. Pieces were all scattered everywhere and at every corner; and now the pieces are getting back together (pieces being Starks). With winter, the White Walkers will be entering into Westeros. This means, the Wall will fall and as per plenty of Reddit theories, it will all be Bran’s fault. So Jon is not really a bastard, or is he? At least he is not Ned Stark’s bastard son. Credits go to season six, we now know Jon’s secret lineage to the Targaryens. There certainly was an affair between Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. This tells us that Jon has more authority over the Iron Throne than Daenerys. The people are already calling Jon the King in the North. Sad, how much we all miss Robb Stark, right? Anyway, Daenerys is also sailing towards Westeros but she will encounter Euron Greyjoy (another most feared person in A Song of Ice and Fire universe).

Game of Thrones Predictions (More)

He wants to marry her and with her help, rule the world. According to fan theories and plenty of speculated rumours, a Cleganebowl might also happen. There is a reason Sandor Clegane has been brought back to the storyline. He has got the desire to avenge and to seek redemption. From being a total badass, he is powerful enough to survive the world of Game of Thrones so far. He is travelling towards the north and as per theories, he might encounter the Starks. Being an ally to Arya, he might join Jon and other Starks. History has it, a stern and cruel king’s (or queen’s) downfall does come, karma hits pretty hard. Her downfall will probably come by the end of this season. We really hope that it isn’t Jaime who kills her, because that would be savage. Apart from than, her Kingsguard, Gregor Clegane (rather, his monstrous alter-ego) will probably face his younger brother, Sandor. Fans are very much excited as they believe that out of every single person in Westeros, it is solely The Hound who has got the guts to face The Mountain.

The Wall is almost down, we have seen that the White Walkers are assembling behind it and it might just fall any time (scripted, duh). This will be followed by the Night King’s invasion into Westeros. The north will suffer. The walkers are not only way more powerful, but they also cannot be defeated with normal swords or maces. Only the swords made from Valyrian steel can kill those walkers, and not many such swords have been made. This brings us to Samwell Tarly. Last time he was seen was when he, along with Gilly, had stolen his ancestral Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane. Euron will be responsible for slowing down Daenerys’ invasion into Westeros. But anyway, one of her dragons has to die and people believe that it will be Drogon since Game of Thrones is famous (rather, infamous) for killing off the spotlighted characters. Anyway, let us wait and see what happens.

Game of Thrones Season 7 be premiered somewhere around late June, and this time the season will comprise only of seven episodes. So, let us see how the series will unfold and what all thrills will this season bring. People, hang on to your seatbelts as it is going to be a bumpy ride to Westeros. And yes, Winter has come.

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