It’s Important to Determine the Location of a Web Hosting

A website that you have obviously has to have an appropriate and quality web hosting. Because web hosting also affects the SEO that you use. You can get one quality web hosting at With good web hosting, you can also get good performance.

The location of a server can also be a factor that can affect website visits, why is the location of a server also having an influence on SEO? there is the name of local SEO where the target is based on geotargeted where the target is based on the geographical location of a website and the target audience, if you want your target visitors are Indonesian people, then you should use an Indonesian web hosting server, if you have a targeted visitor in the USA then you try to have a web hosting server in the USA too. Because the location determines the speed of the web hosting you use. Always make sure you use the closest location from the customer you are targeting.