Learn English By Mastering Four Skills

Even though the B1 English test focuses on your speaking and listening skill, but nothing goes wrong to learn the four skills. Have you visited http://britishlifeskills.com? Make sure that you train all 4 of your Language skills in terms of speaking, listening, writing and reading. By mastering everything, your confidence will automatically increase. If you only master the ability to read and write, then you will usually be embarrassed when speaking in public and feel less confident when talking with other people.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you need to find a course that uses methods that suit your learning style. There are many course centers that you can choose from. Sure, you should choose the one that helping members master English – just like when learning our own language. By offering independent learning, small classes, an English language environment and most importantly, giving an opportunity to use fun and useful activities while practicing English to increase your confidence.