Negative Effect of Breast Implants

Nearly all women in the world are looking the way how to increase breast. The reason is, of course, to improve the appearance and increase self-confidence, especially for women who previously less confident with the body shape you have. It is also certainly envisioned by Women who have recently undergone breast cancer surgery and had a breast lift. Many of them think of breast augmentation surgery is one alternative that is appropriate to restore confidence to shape the breast to look perfect. To prevent you from bad impact, we suggest you visit Atlantic Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

Here are some of the negative effect of breast implants:

– A decrease in the ability to breastfeed, hardening of the breast, nipple sensation disorders, infection and accumulation of calcium around the breast implant that has been incorporated.

– Breast implants have a usage limit and not for a lifetime. So women or men who have breast implants should control routine regularly to avoid the risk of deadly risk.