Things to know about building regulations

The house or building that we have must have physical limits that are easily recognized as broad boundaries. But it needs to be understood that all parts of the room that has floor pavement are not the same as the area calculation. For example, the width of a 3 X 4 m² bedroom does not count as a terrace with a size of 3 X 4 m². Although mathematically both have the same area, which is 12 m². Meanwhile, you can also use the laser measuring device to make your job easier.

Likewise, if we have other rooms that are similar to the terrace, such as balconies, and hallways. We take the example in several big cities. The city has provisions on how to calculate building area.

Some things that are also possible for each building owner must know, among others, are as follows:

1. In calculating the total floor area of a room, the calculation is done to the outer wall limit. Of course, if there is more space or space that coincides and is bounded by a wall, then the calculation is from the as (middle) wall to the next wall.

2. The roof-covered room with a wall higher than 1.20 m2 from the upper floor, is fully calculated (100%). For example, the size of the space is 3 X 4 m2, the area is 12 m².

If the dividing wall of the room is less than 1.20 m², then the area of the space is only half calculated. All that is permitted from the KDB which is determined by the area.

3. Overstock, such as a balcony with a fence wall not more than 1.20 m2, is not taken into account.

4. Roofed terraces with a portion of the wall having a height of more than 1.20 m², accounting for 60% of the basement, the land area is calculated at 100%.

That is by understanding how to calculate the floor area of the building as above, it will definitely be of great benefit to us.