This is How to Register for a UK Visa Online

As an important requirement to be able to move abroad, you need a variety of immigration documents that are required in the destination country. One of the documents that apply is an immigration visa. In the UK, you can get an immigration visa by doing an English language test at

// That way, you can get the visa you need.

To apply for a UK (UK) Visa, you need to visit Visa4UK to complete and submit the visa application form online which can be accessed here. When on the website, fill out the UK (UK) Visa application form on your Visa4UK or your friend who will register and create an account first.
After registering and completing the online application form for UK Visa application, you also need to print and sign the completed form. If you do not have access to the printer when submitting an application, you can also enter and print the form later because you have registered.