Tips for choosing the tank for E-cigarette/vape that you must know

The e-Cigarette PV is a type of electric cigarette that is usually sold freely. By using the same concept, the purpose of this type is to give a taste that is as close as possible to conventional cigarettes. It tends to be cheaper, some types use refill cartridges and atomizers or incinerators in the middle of the device, not at the end. Some types also have artificial fire from red LEDs that are almost the same as fire. Usually, this device uses a sensor where if the user sucks it will automatically carry out the evaporation process. In the meantime, you may also need to check out how to turn Wax into E juice.

The advantage is the cheap price. But the lack of taste tends to be unpleasant, the smoke is not thick, and the service life is short. This time we’re talking about vapor tanks that have 2 types based on how they are used:

1. Atomizer / Clearomizer: this one tank is a liquid storage tank that is sold one package with the coil. When the coil is not good anymore, you just replace the coil. In the purchase package usually, the coil has a measure of the resistance (ohm).

2. RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) is a tank whose coil can be built or made by using a special wire without having to buy a backup coil such as an atomizer or clearomizer. Based on how to use it, RBA has been divided into two:

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) RBA which has a storage tank that has a function for e-juice storage which is the same as the manufacturer’s atomizer or clearomizer. So it’s more efficient when vaping.

RBA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) RBA without using e-juice storage tanks, users are required to drop e-juice every time they will vaping.

All of them have their own shortcomings and strengths, all back to you. Choose a tank that suits your needs as a user. If you want a simple one, you just have to choose a clearomizer tank that has a factory coil.