Tricky Design For a Minimalist Kitchen at Your House

Having a comfortable home is everyone’s desire. But sometimes circumstances force someone to live in a place best bar stools for kitchen island  that is not desirable. One of them is living in the city. Population-dense settlements have large areas of land but are usually close to shopping centers and offices. This makes many families choose to live in the city to get better facilities, but must live in a minimalist home. Designing a minimalist home requires certain tricks. If you find difficulties in making interior design, you can contact Home Furniture Adviser to get the best advice about interior design.

In a minimalist home, it will also get a minimalist kitchen. Viewed in terms of its function, the kitchen has three dual functions, namely a place to cook, a place to eat, as well as a place to gather with family. But sometimes this is what makes people feel confused. What kind of kitchen should be made? For those of you who want a modern impression while not using many places, you can try a kitchen combined with a mini bar. Kitchen design without dividing together with another room, whether a living room or dining room. The color combinations that can be used are colored colors such as cream or gray. You can give a bright color to the kitchen set so the kitchen doesn’t look gloomy.

To add to the impression that the kitchen is not narrow, you can give a chandelier. The mini bar table can be made from wood or marble, depending on the budget. Try not to give a lot of insulation in a minimalist kitchen. The bulk of the bulkhead gives the impression of a narrow room, even though your intention is to limit certain parts of the room. Also, avoid too many dark colors because it will give the impression that the room is narrow and dreary. It would be better if you get enough sunlight. But if not, you can use the chandelier to keep the room bright.